The Chaplain is Fr Simon Hall. He is assisted by the Parish Priest of Cheadle, Fr David Oakley.

The Chaplain is addressed by pupils as ‘Father’ or ‘Father Simon’ and the Parish Priest as ‘Father David’.



The Chaplains’ work

The Chaplain is the priest who serves the school, in some respects not unlike the clergy in a parish. They celebrate the sacraments; they give pastoral care to the distressed, troubled and bereaved; they support people in their faith and help others to come to faith. Most of all, they are a guarantee of the Catholic nature of the school. Yet the Chaplains alone do not give the school its distinctive ethos, this is something which every member, staff, pupils and parents contribute to. In this important sense the Chaplain is the leader, co-ordinator and supporter of a body of people, all making contributions in their particular ways.

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Fr Simon Hall

[email protected]


Available for ...

Assistance and pastoral support;

Visiting the sick and bereaved;

help with liturgies, masses, assemblies;

pastoral time (Friday period 1 Week B);

prayers at registration;

contact with parish priests and parishes, feeder schools, the local community;

confession and counselling;

preparation of pupils for the sacraments;

retreats and pilgrimages;

developing the spiritual, liturgical and prayer life of the school;

helping staff and pupils develop their own vocations as Christians.

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Available when ...



Read the Chaplain's Annual report to Governors, September 1999.