Pierre Bonnard

Born in Fontenay-aux-Roses, France in 1867 into a middle class family.

Bonnard belonged to a group called “The Nabis” which in Hebrew means Prophets. Other members include Maurice Denis, Sěrusier and Eduard Vuillard. Their aims were to move away from Impressionism preferring to follow the lead of Gaughin. Colour was the most important visual element to these painters.

Many of Bonnard’s paintings were concerned with intimate domestic interiors. He had an expressive use of colour and pattern, simplifying shapes and expressing feelings through form. He continued to paint using the same principals throughout his life. However, after the First World War he looked back to the Impressionist passion for light, infusing his paintings with colour and contrasts.

Bonnard died in 1947 in Le Cannet, leaving a studio full of unfinished paintings.


bon1.jpg (36783 bytes)
L’amandier en Fleurs
(The Almond Tree in Blossom)

bon4.jpg (41725 bytes)
Corbeille de fruits (Basket of Fruit)
c. 1946

bon2.jpg (34459 bytes)
Interior at Antibes

bon3.jpg (33529 bytes)
The Open Window