Bible Atlas

This is a simple Bible atlas. Click on any of the small pictures below to see a full size version.
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The Empires of Biblical times

assyremp.gif (18060 bytes)

The Assyrian Empire

babylemp.gif (17496 bytes)

The Babylonian Empire

persemp.gif (20605 bytes)

The Persian Empire

greekemp.gif (21680 bytes)

The Greek Empire

Roman Empire

The Roman Empire

romemed.gif (19912 bytes)

The Roman Mediterranean

Old Testament Israel

sinai.gif (16373 bytes)

The Desert of Sinai


Old Testament Lands

tripal.gif (23620 bytes)

The Tribes of Israel

otnation.gif (23365 bytes)

The Old Testament Nations

otnpal.gif (16573 bytes)

Old Testament Palestine (North)

otspal.gif (24426 bytes)

Old Testament Palestine (South)

tabern.gif (14245 bytes)

The Tabernacle

jerking.gif (12432 bytes)

Jerusalem at the time of I & II Kings

solotemp.gif (17884 bytes)

Solomon's Temple

jerneh.gif (14942 bytes)

Jerusalem at the time of Nehemiah

New Testament

hertem.gif (18752 bytes)

Herod the Great's Temple

herodpal.gif (22025 bytes)

Herod the Great's Kingdom

jernt.gif (22236 bytes)

Jerusalem at the time of Jesus

samaria.gif (21646 bytes)