IT Support Department

Painsley’s IT Support department are a team of highly skilled and trained professionals employed to oversee the technical aspects of computer-based teaching and learning in school. The team is composed of a Network Manager, Mr Payne (who is responsible for hardware and software allocation, network security and server maintenance as well as the school website, electrical testing, hardware installation and lunchtime room supervision) and Mr Greenfield (who looks after hardware maintenance, stock logging and Painsley is a very forward-thinking and demanding school in terms of IT, and this is only possible due to its hard-working and dedicated IT Support team.

Our Network

Curriculum Network

We run our curriculum network on RM CC3 running approximately 412 stations, running from 5 curriculum servers. In addition to this we have a RM 7TB NAS server an exchange server, terminal server and an RM Smartcache. Supporting the safety of data stored on these servers is our CBS server.

Interactive whiteboards are very important in our classrooms, with every class room having one.


In the summer of 2010 the school will be installing RM CC4 on the school curriculum network. This will offer a host of improvements over our current CC3 network allowing the use of ICT across the school to further expand. Administration Network

We operate with 15 stations on our admin network, ran on a Vanilla Windows network.


We have 37 Ricoh printers across the school as well as a hand full of HP devices.

Digitising Painsley

Over the Past few years Painsley has strived to embrace new technology and methods of working. We currently run our registrations system through the school network via SIMs Lesson Monitor, use SEO services and also use SIMs for electronic reporting